January 21, 2021 4 min read

Looking for the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

She’s having a baby! Everyone comes together at the baby shower to relish in the mother-to-be excitement. Whether you’re the baby shower host or an invitee, you want to show her some love with a thoughtful gift.

Of course, she has a baby registry, butshemade that list. The only way to surprise her is with something she isn’t expecting. Personalized baby shower gifts express that you want her to have something unique that marks her maternity milestone.

Looking for a Sentimental and Personalized Babyshower Gift?

Personalized baby shower gifts are meaningful because they are truly theirs. They bear a name or a symbol that represents the unique person she is and the mother she aspires to be.

Monogrammed baby shower gifts transform any ordinary sundry from being generic to heirloom quality. From simple initials to a sentimental phrase, engraved custom baby shower gifts make any piece of jewelry truly one of a kind - just like she is.

At Mountain Moverz, we love the excitement of a baby shower! We love to create unique gifts that make her event even more memorable as she unwraps something she wasn’t expecting. Take a detour from the department store baby registry and be inspired by one of these five personalized baby shower gifts.

5 Custom Baby Shower Gifts She Will Treasure

In reality, most of what she unwraps at the baby shower will eventually be boxed up and donated or thrown away: diapers, bottles, onesies, bath items, you name it.

We’ve put together this list of baby shower gift ideas that she will keep and cherish through life’s peaks and valleys.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #1: Personalized Mama and Me Bracelets

mom and daughter with matching bracelets

She hasn’t met her child yet, but you can be sure she daydreams about what life will be like with her new son or daughter. Mama and Me bracelets recognize her maternal aspirations to have a deep and lasting bond through every stage of her child’s life.

Not only does each Mama and Me bangle set have a special meaning, but several of them can also be engraved for personalization. With a dozen styles to choose from, you can select theMama and Me bangle set that best reflects her character and personality. Our collection includespersonalized sterling silver bracelets,personalized gold bracelets, arose gold baby bracelet, or asilver baby bracelet.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #2: Birthstone Rings

birthstone rings 

No matter when you were born, everyone has a birthstone. These gemstones symbolize the first chapter of our lives. OurNovember birthstone ring features the rich amber hue of topaz, and ourJune birthstone ring is a lovely shade of lilac to represent alexandrite.

Our dainty birthstone rings include all 12 birth months, and the bands are available in three tones: silver, gold, and rose gold.

Because these rings are stackable, you can combine them to represent more than one individual and vary the metals for a multitone aesthetic. 

On her finger, she can stack one that represents her, her children who are already born, and her new arrival. You might even add one for her partner. 

With our stackable birthstone rings, the togetherness of her sweet family is symbolized right on her finger. Every time she looks down at her hand, she’ll ponder how lucky she is to be a mom.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #3: Bangle Bracelet for Mom

Jewelry that represents her children are very sweet, but if you’d rather get something that is all about her, get her a unique mom bangle bracelet. With over a dozen styles, each of ourwomen's bracelets has a distinct meaning.

Our customers love to build their very own stack of bangles that represents your unique journey. Get her started on a stack of her very own with a bangle that reflects her unique personality. Each bracelet is a meaningful personalized baby shower gift for mom. 

Baby Shower Gift Idea #4: Bar Necklace for Her

If she’s more of a necklace person, surprise her with a symbol of this new chapter that she can wear around her neck. A meaningful necklace is a highly personal baby shower gift idea.

If you don’t already have a necklace in mind, we suggest you check out our line of heartfelt Identity Bar designs. Each one reminds her of her identity.

  • Mama- There’s only one mama! This word is paired with a heart to symbolize the love she shares with her children.
  • Worthy- No matter what motherhood throws at her, she is always worthy. This necklace is a reminder of her unique value.
  • Carried- For the spiritual woman, this necklace represents her relationship with God. He is always with her along this lifelong journey of being a mother.
  • Adored-There is so much to love about her. Express how much you admire her with a necklace that tells her that she is adored.
  • Customized-Say it in your own words with your very own custom message on the necklace’s bar pendant!

  • Baby Shower Gift Idea #5: Personalized Baby Book

    Mom will need something to keep all of Baby’s firsts and photos. If she already has a name picked out for her little one, give her a customized book with her baby’s name on it! 

    This is a particularly thoughtful gift as she may be too preoccupied with preparing for a new baby to think about these things. With a baby book, she’ll be ready to start filling in those precious memories on day one.

    Baby Shower Gift Idea #5: Personalized Baby Blanket

    With your typical baby shower, there are usually many baby blankets gifted. Monogramming a baby blanket turns it into a keepsake. If you love to knit or crochet, you can make a blanket by hand made just for Baby.

    Shop Mountain Moverz for Mama and Me Gifts

    With so many personalized baby shower gifts to choose from, you aren’t confined to the routine baby registry. Alongside something she needs from her department store wishlist, tuck in something more personal. A sentimental gift recognizes the significance of this part of her journey.

    Mountain Moverz has something for every stepping stone of life. We offer a wide selection of apparel and jewelry pieces that make perfect handmade baby shower gifts. Gift her a wearable reminder of who she is as a woman. Browse through our catalog for that gift that will be a true stand out at her baby shower.