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About Mountain Moverz

Pieces created to encourage during life's peaks and valleys.

Hi friends, Lauren here. Mountain Moverz was birthed from my heart that was completely changed with the first look into my baby girl's eyes. You remember that moment, mama? That overwhelming moment that all mothers have when they realize a connection that cannot be broken. What started with my vision for encouraging and speaking life over children has extended to pieces for mothers and has extended to all women as well.  

About Mountain Moverz

Our company began with the intention to change the atmosphere in which we raise our children. Using a precious piece, a baby bracelet, to choose a word(s) that you would want to speak over your little one. It started in the quiet moment at the end of each day where my little family of three would come together before bed. My heart would be full of all the wonderful qualities I knew my daughter already was and my husband and I would take the time to speak those over her before putting her to sleep. It was our favorite time of day because we knew how powerful these moments were. Soon after having our sweet Wiley Jo, we wanted to create a modern, gender neutral baby line that made shopping for babies a unique and powerful process and help aid in the life-giving atmosphere in which you raise your sweet babes. Let’s call out the gold in our children from the beginning so they can grow up knowing who they are! The same things that are spoken over our children, we as mothers should speaking believe about ourselves as well. We can't give what we don't have and I believe in encouraging a community of mothers believing the best about themselves. 
About Mountain Moverz 
Our pieces are now designed for all ages and are created to encourage you during life's peaks and valleys. Reminding you of your purpose and identity during the highs and lows of life. Whether you are welcoming the birth of your new baby or mourning the loss of a loved one; celebrating your best group of girlfriends of remembering the anniversary of your significant other; finding the perfect gift for a new baby or wanting to gift your mom something special. Our jewelry line is the highest quality metal for you and your little one. Each piece is hand cut, shaped, stamped, and polished ready to arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep. These bracelets are safe to keep on yourself and your baby throughout all the different daily activities. They will not tarnish, flake, or turn colors and are safe in water. 
We love you guys and are thankful for your journey with us here! Wear and remind!
About Mountain Moverz
About Mountain MoverzAbout Mountain MoverzAbout Mountain MoverzAbout Mountain Moverz