Our Dainty Stackable Birthstone Rings are Stunning Yet Subtle

There is a distinct elegance about a simple, yet delicate design. For everyday wear, dainty and subtle jewelry complements your everyday wardrobe as it stays clear of catching onto clothes.

Our line of stackable birthstone rings is all about simplicity and belonging to a birth month tribe. These rings are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit - either alone or combined with others on the same finger.

Create a Jewelry Piece That is Uniquely You

We include all twelve beautiful birthstones in our collection, plus you have the choice of three different metal tones for these stackable birthstone bands. You select the color combination of stone and metal that you like best!

Classic Stackable Gemstone Rings

Stackable birthstone rings allow you the versatility to represent just one or several people who mean the world to you. Start with your birthstone, and then add on your family members.

With our rings being in three different metal finishes, you can alternate band colors to give your stack a multi-toned look. When more than one person is born in the same month, you can choose different metal finishes to differentiate them. Mix and match, sterling silver stackable birthstone rings,  gold stackable birthstone rings, and rose gold stackable birthstone rings.

Each time you look down at your stack of birthstone rings, you’ll be reminded of how each person in your life brings something special into your world.

Stackable Birthstone Rings for Mothers

Stacked birthstone rings are the ultimate jewelry conversation piece. A child points at mommy’s finger and says with pride, “That one is me!” Or friends ask about the stack and before you know it, you’re comparing family birthdays.

Stackable birthstone rings for mom represent each of her precious children and symbolize those milestones of motherhood. This cluster of stones reflects how beautifully your sweet family blends together.

Birthstone ring stacks are stylish whether minimal or including the whole family. Some wear just a couple on one finger or place clusters on separate fingers to represent each group. (Grouping example: your partner and you, children, parents, siblings, pets, etc.)

Birthstone rings are timeless, and because our jewelry is handmade with quality, you have the option of passing them onto your children someday.

A Beautiful Birthstone for Every Month

Do you know your own birthstone? One of twelve gemstones represent your birthday tribe. Which team do you belong to?

Almanac.com shares how each birthstone in the spectrum has a myth associated with it. 

  • January- “Garnet” is associated with the word “pomegranate” and resembles the seed of this fruit. This deep red stone is believed to keep the wearer safe as they travel.
  • February- “Amethyst” comes from a Greek word meaning “sober.” This mystical purple gem is thought to give the wearer courage, strengthen their relationships, and ward off intoxication.
  • March- “Aquamarine” was once associated with Neptune, the god of the sea. In addition to providing sailors with protection while at sea, this brilliant blue stone is also believed to cure diseases.
  • April- “Diamond” is that brilliant transparent stone that emerges from extreme pressure. Its name comes from Sanskrit meaning “lightning.” This classic stone is believed to bring courage to the wearer and symbolizes lasting love (as it is the traditional stone for wedding sets).
  • May- “Emerald” was dedicated to Venus by the ancient Romans. This rich green stone signifies everything wonderful about springtime: love, fertility, renewal, wisdom, patience, and growth.
  • June- “Pearl” is distinct from the others as it is sourced from a living creature. The Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of Aphrodite. Pearls symbolize purity. 
  • July- “Ruby” was considered the “king of the gems” by ancient Hindus. This rich red stone represents love and passion, and is thought to protect the wearer from evil.
  • August- “Peridot” is sometimes referred to as the “evening emerald.” This brighter green stone is supposed to protect the wearer from nightmares if set in gold. Legend has it that peridot stones were the tears of Pele, goddess of the volcano.
  • September- “Sapphire” was a popular stone for priests and kings. Perhaps the most iconic ring in England is Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring now worn by Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. Those adorned with this rich blue stone were thought to have protection from evil and poisoning. Sapphires represent wisdom and purity.
  • October- “Opal” comes from the Latin word meaning “precious jewel.” This uniquely iridescent stone represents confidence and faithfulness. It was once believed to ward off evil and to preserve eyesight.
  • November- “Topaz” is usually a rich amber color, but this stone also exists in other color variations. As it represents love and affection, topaz stones are thought to give the wearer a boost of intellect and strength.
  • December- “Turquoise” is popular for its unique and brilliant blue color. This “love charm” has been believed to hold several benefits: warding off evil, protection from harm, fortune, success, and relaxing the mind.

Mountain Moverz is all about wearing something with a special meaning. When your set of stackable birthstone rings strikes up a conversation, you can share these meanings and myths with others. 

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